Technology for the aquaculture industry

EM4 19 TECH Fiap belt feederThe belt feeder that doesn’t require electric power

The FIAP Belt Feeder offers the perfect combination of reliability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness without bearing an unreasonable price tag.


There are hardly two ways about it: to survive in today’s aquaculture industry, reliable and high-quality machinery is essential.  The FIAP Belt Feeder, produced by the Australian aquaculture products, equipment and systems manufacturer Fresh by Design, is one company’s contribution to the few pieces of machinery where low prices don’t mean cutting corners in quality. The belt feeder is an automatic feeder with many applications. For many years, the professional version has been the most frequently deployed automatic feeder in pisciculture. Because of its purely mechanical working method, the feed dispenser does not require batteries or power and thus will run from 12 to 24 hours continuously dispensing the loaded medium in a plethora of different environments.

Stainless steel clock for greater durability

Made from stainless steel, the feeder’s clock unit with its sapphire bearing is a high-precision movement. The belt feeder can dispense a variety of substances from dust feed to large feed pellets and even medicines or water additives. Both a professional and standard model are available for purchase. The professional model, the FIAP Belt Feeder Profi, offers an easy-to-remove drive shaft for maintenance and cleaning purposes. The drive shaft is made of seawater resistant aluminum and is thus durable and robust. The availability of all the components in the belt feeder is guaranteed by the company, ensuring the long-term economic security of this machine. The belt feeder can be purchased as either a 3kg or 5 kg model.