Taste the difference in soups and sauces

A manufacturer of autoclaves for the food and pharmaceutical industries Steriflow SAS is a 35-year old company whose equipment is used around the world. In 2005 Steriflow SAS licensed the Shaka technology which was invented in the UK. Using this technique the product is vigorously shaken while in the autoclave. The frequency of the shaking is 100-150 cycles per minute and this movement increased the penetration of heat into the product thereby allowing a reduction in the cycle time compared to regular autoclaves. The equipment can be used with any kind of container including cans, glass jars, pouches, and plastic trays.

Steriflow has created an autoclave in which the products are shaken vigorously while being sterilised. This increases the penetration of heat and correspondingly reduces the cycle time.

Reducing the process time has a positive impact on the product. Recent tests made on soups show a dramatic improvement in preservation of micronutrients like vitamin C and polyphenols compared to traditional processes (including pasteurization). Using Shaka equipment allows a lower level of salt in the recipe for an equivalent aromatic balance as tested on soups.

Combining mechanics with thermal knowledge to allow products to be processed for short times at high temperatures provides an opportunity to all manufacturers interested in improving their products. From the end of 2009, equipment is available for industrial production; 1300 mm diameter autoclave together with semi or fully automatic loading. Pilot equipment is available for trials on customers’ site or at the Steriflow pilot plant. For more information visit www.steriflow.com.