On-board processing of pelagic fish

In the late 80s a number of processing lines made by the Swedish firm VMK and the German Baader were installed on Russian vessels. This was followed by a pause where few Russian vessels were overhauled. Now however, according to Ulf Groenqvist of Seac AB, there seems to be a small boom in the number of Russian and Ukrainian factory vessels that are being refurbished. These boats are being upgraded with either new or completely renovated processing machinery.

Completely renovated processing machines are interesting to vessel owners for their price and quality

As during the 80s when VMK was one of the main players on the market for on-board installations, today too vessel owners are turning to the Swedish machines that are extremely well suited for operating in the rough conditions that prevail on board. Seac AB has over forty years of experience completely renovating Arenco/KM/Norden machines and for the last twenty years has also worked with VMK machines. Five years ago one of the two main service technicians from VMK joined Mr Groenqvist and since then the sale of VMK machines has constantly increased to become one of the company’s main products. Among vessel owners there is considerable interest in second-hand and completely renovated machines because of their price and quality.

Today the company can supply additional equipment to VMK machines including, vacuum units (with or without automatic emptying of the offal); single fillet devices; VMK-42 skinning machines for blue-whiting and horse mackerel; and VMK-26/27 horse mackerel scaling units. Since 2006 Seac has installed over fifteen completely renovated VMK lines onboard Russian vessels fishing off the coast of West Africa and in the North Atlantic.

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