User-friendly design and robust construction

The market for plate freezers has always been fiercely competitive. Over the last years, however, with the entry on to the market of Asian companies that can produce equipment at lower costs than their European counterparts, the focus has moved to innovation, reliability, and customer service.

Dybvad Stål Industri produces more than fifty models of horizontal and vertical plate freezers for sale around the world.

Dybvad Stål Industri (DSI), the Danish manufacturer of plate freezers, has found that even in harsh economic times there is still a market for high quality products with user friendly designs, a strong focus on product reliability, and low maintenance costs, says Peter N. Christensen, the sales director. We are experiencing a boom in orders from both offshore and onshore plants and from different industry sectors including fishing, pet food, meat and poultry, he adds. “I am convinced that our customers realise that disappointment at low quality lasts much longer than pleasure at low prices.”


More than fifty models of vertical and horizontal freezers

Plate freezers consist of a series of hollow flat, refrigerated aluminium plates that are mounted parallel to each other and may be arranged either horizontally or vertically next to each other. The material to be frozen can be packaged or unpackaged and is introduced in between the plates so that the plate surfaces are in close contact with the product to be frozen. The frozen product is a block. DSI has more than fifty different horizontal and vertical freezers that can be used in any application where plate freezing is required. The company also works closely with different manufacturers of automatic loading and unloading systems to develop systems customised for the DSI plate freezers.

Almost the entire production (98%) is exported to countries around the world. Behind the sales is an international network of refrigeration contractors and process equipment suppliers, who guarantee the correct installation of the machinery and, crucially, are responsible for the after-sales service. Since DSI does not sell its freezers directly to the end-users the refrigeration contractors have a very important role to play. Over the years the company has built very strong ties with these consultants, who are the people in the field responsible for the satisfaction of the customers.


Energy saving with the CorePoint System

DSI is constantly improving on its equipment to ensure that it incorporates the latest developments in technology. This means not only that new products are released at regular intervals, but that the company also keeps a close eye on its existing range with a view to improving the functions and features. For example, the company has developed a system to measure core temperature. Called the CorePoint System it measures the temperature at the core of the product during the freezing process. The system can be retrofitted to any of the company’s vertical plate freezers and consists of a thermo sensor mounted in a probe that is inserted into the product. When the product is completely frozen it can be easily removed; the probe slides out smoothly and are ready for the next job.

The CorePoint system offers a number of advantages including precise measurement of the core temperature, documented freezing temperatures, energy saving, reduction in emissions, fully controlled freezing time, and ease of installation. Only one kit is needed for each freezer. The system gives full control over the freezing time for each freezer regardless of the different initial temperatures of the product.

DSI is exhibiting at the Danish Pavilion, stand number D865 at Danfish in Aalborg, Denmark, 12-14 October 2011.