Quality machinery for the fish and food processing industry

The Polish fish processing industry is highly dynamic producing between 360 and 380 thousand tonnes of product annually valued at EUR1.5tr (in comparison Germany with twice the population produced just over 490 thousand tonnes of processed products). About 60% of the volume is exported to countries within and outside Europe, among them Germany, the UK, France, and Denmark.

The high-speed rotation vacuum cutter Typhoon II is designed to produce all kinds of homogenised fish mince with different degrees of crumbling (e.g. for fish sticks). Bowl capacities range from 60 l to 750 l.
Vacuum tumblers are designed for marinating the fish, (herring, trout, and other species) in a vacuum to ensure a high quality product. The capacity of the tumbler can vary from 200 l to 10,200 l.

Polish processors produce a variety of items including smoked fish, marinades and salads, canned fish, as well as fresh and frozen products. The presence of a significant fish processing industry has also spurred the development of a domestic industry producing machinery for fish processing.


Highly trained team constantly improves machinery

One Polish supplier of processing machinery is the company Metalbud Nowicki which was established in 1974 in Rawa Mazowiecka in the centre of Poland and builds equipment for processing fish, meat and other foods. The company emphasises the need to invest in research to ensure the steady evolution of its machinery and the development of new ideas. It therefore has a team of dedicated engineers, technicians, designers, and machine operators to study, design, build and test its machinery before releasing it on to the market. The competence of the employees ensures that no task within the field of processing is insurmountable and as the products manufactured in the fish processing industry have increased in sophistication the machines to produce them have followed suit.

Production of the processing equipment uses sophisticated digitally controlled machinery for cutting, including water, plasma and laser cutting tools; machining; plastic forming; and welding. As the quality of the final product depends on the raw material that goes into its production the company has quality controls that start with the raw material and continue along each stage of the production. The comprehensive quality control system is computer monitored to enable any components that do not meet the quality standards to be eliminated and only fault-free elements to be used in the production.


Products for any processing requirement

Altogether Metalbud Nowicki produces some 20 series of products comprising a total of about 150 machines, all of which are made with stainless steel and conform to EU and US statutory requirements. Apart from individual machines the company also produces complete processing lines tailored to the customer’s requirements. Among the machines the company produces are injectors, tumblers, cutters, grinders, cleaning equipment, ice makers, smokehouses, cookers, and refrigerating machinery. The company has a global network of agents that covers 45 countries on all the five continents.