Individualised customer service fuels steady growth

The development of plastics some fifty years ago heralded the end of the use of wood as the preferred material for storing and transporting fish and seafood. Plastics were durable, mouldable, hygienic, lightweight, with good insulating properties, and easily customised. These properties make them the most widespread material for storage and transport in the fishing and aquaculture production and processing sector.

Rotogal, a Spanish manufacturer of plastic tubs and bins for the food industry is based in Boiro near Vigo in the province of Galicia in the northwest. Vigo is home to Spain’s, and Europe’s, biggest fishing port and Galicia has the biggest concentration of industry related to fishing and fish processing of all the Spanish provinces.

Rotogal produces containers that vary in size from 50 l to 1,400 l. Tubs with higher capacities can also be produced on demand.


Made-to-measure solutions for industry

Rotogal was established in 2004 to serve the fisheries industry i.e., fishing vessels, and fish processing plants. But over the last 4-5 years the contribution from the meat industry to turnover has increased more rapidly than that from the fish sector. The range of containers that the company produces extends from 50 l to 1,400 l, and if necessary, even larger volume containers can be supplied. In addition, says Jorge Fajardo, the marketing director, we also execute custom orders for companies that need something different from our standard products. There are thus two main business lines, container manufacturing for the meat and fish industry and the supply of custom-built containers for specific purposes. For the latter, Rotogal has a turnkey approach, whereby the company will analyse the need, conceptualise, design, create models, and conduct trials, before finally manufacturing the product.

The containers are essentially of two different construction types, an insulating container which has a layer of insulation within a shell of polyethylene (PE), and a heavy-duty container which has a core of polyethylene foam. Both varieties have a three-layered construction consisting of inner and outer walls of polyethylene and a core which could be polyurethane (PU) for insulation, or PE foam for strength and durability. The latter are also easier to repair, and are fully recycleable, but PE foam has one third the insulating ability of PU. Containers can also be made fully traceable as Rotogal has developed the ability to embed RFID tags in its products. Demand for this feature at the moment is modest as only huge companies need this system, says Mr Fajardo, because it allows the location of individual containers in a large stock to be closely monitored. Other accessories that can also be purchased with the containers, include lids, which protect and prevent contamination of the contents, and gaskets, which can hermetically seal the container.

Rotogal S.L.

Poligono Industrial Espineira Parcela 36 B

E 15930 Boiro, A Coruña Spain

Tel.: +34 981 849 901

Fax: +34 981 849 902

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Marketing director: Mr Jorge Fajardo

Products: Insulated containers for the meat and fish industry

Services: Customised design and manufacture of containers; container rental

Markets: 33 countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia

Employees: 23

Turnover: EUR4m


Markets on five continents

Rotogal exports to 33 countries on five continents, the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Its customer base varies from large companies to owners of a single vessel, who may require only two or three containers. A network of partners in the different countries is responsible for servicing and repairing the containers in case they are damaged. With double digit growth each year since it was established, Rotogal has created a name for itself on the market for its product quality and above all its flexible customer service. We are willing to personalise even individual containers, says Mr Fajardo, and that is clearly what makes us stand out. Sales have grown because customers, when they expand their business, come back to Rotogal for their container needs. This ability to combine a high quality product with options to customise it is sure to secure the company’s growth in the future too.