Multipurpose cooking machine from Bastra

Bastra’s Smart 500 can smoke fish, but can also cook, fry, roast, bake, and steam food making it ideal for retail and food service applications.

Bayha and Strackbein, better known as Bastra, based in Arnsberg, Germany have released a new type of customer-oriented universal installation for fishmongers and delicatessen counters in supermarkets. Bastra has been manufacturing cooking machinery since the 1940s so the Smart 500 has a long tradition to fall back on. Equipped with the company’s smoke condensate technology the machine gently yet efficiently smokes fish and fish products. In addition, however, the machine can cook, fry, roast, bake, and steam food, allowing the preparation of a number of different products for immediate consumption. The compact design enables the machine to be integrated into any store counter or kitchen, and an optional glass door lets customers watch the food as it is prepared. The sensory stimulus of freshly prepared food has been demonstrated to strongly trigger impulse buying. Results at a major German retail chain showed that outlets with these installations had better sales than those which did not have them. Transparency in preparation and production, as well as the freshness, quality and variety of the products were the key factors behind these results. This makes the Smart 500 an obvious choice for hot food counters at delicatessen shops, but it can also be used by food service or catering companies, and in institutional kitchens.

The Smart 500 has an effective volume of 430 l and can reach a temperature of 180 degrees C or 230 degrees C (optional). It is controlled by a microprocessor with up to 99 programmes each with 30 stages. Standard features include compressed air cleaning, an integrated cooling shower, continuous air circulation, and fully automatic air inlet and outlet valves. Optional extras include a safety glass door, a cooling device that can be connected to a chiller, and a third convector for the maturing process.