Ribnjačarstvo Končanica plans to produce organic carp

Situated along the river Ilova, Ribnjačarstvo Končanica is one of the oldest fish farms in Croatia. The first ponds were hand-made by Hungarian and Czech specialists in 1900.

Ribnjačarstvo Končanica has invested in renovating ponds, wintering ponds, and channels as it wants to increase production and export the fish.

Today, the farm covers a total of 1,400 hectares and each pond has an area of 150 hectares. The area is famous for its many different species of animals, plants, and especially birds of which there are more than 170 species. The main activity of Ribnjačarstvo Končanica is the production of carp, which is bred in a 3-year cycle. Carps account for 80-90% of the company’s total production; grass carp, silver carp and crucian carp are the main species. Other species include bighead carp, catfish, pike and pike-perch.

Estimated production for 2011 is 500 tonnes including the production of juvenile fish. Ribnjačarstvo Končanica plans to increase production in the future and to this end has already built a nursery for juveniles, and renovated the ponds, wintering ponds, and channels on the farm. Production capacity is 8 million juveniles per term, and the newly built nursery will help the company plan its own production. Moreover, the juveniles will be offered to other producers. The company is also constructing a fish processing plant to diversify its range of fish products to include frozen fish.

The company’s fish are sold on the local Croatian market through the its own chain of retail stores. “Croatia has a limited market for freshwater fish. We have started modernising our production in order to comply with the standards as our goal is to export directly,” says Mr. Davor Rohlik, the director of Ribnjačarstvo Končanica. “We have several innovative ideas that we want to implement. For example, the production of organic carp is one of our priorities as it will offer consumers a high quality, tasty, and environmentally friendly product.”