Three Danish harbours on the west coast of Jutland have entered into a collaboration that brings together all the main actors – fishermen, auctions, buyers, processors, and service providers – in an alliance that seeks to expand the opportunities offered by the high quality fresh fish that is landed and traded each day. Called Konsumfisk, the collaboration ultimately hopes to attract more boats, higher volumes of fish, increase value addition, and draw more jobs and people to the area.

Thursday, 01 January 2015 00:00

Plate freezers now for continuous freezing

Dybvad Stål Industri makes plate freezers for the production of frozen blocks that are used by fish, and other food, processing companies. The company designs and manufactures manual or automatic vertical and horizontal freezers that it supplies to processing plants on land as well as on board fishing vessels in countries round the world.

Thursday, 01 January 2015 00:00

A product for discerning clients

AquaPri is one of the few companies in Europe to successfully farm pike-perch in a closed recirculation system. While other attempts to rear this species both in Denmark and abroad have floundered for one reason or another, the company is currently completing a large new facility to replace its existing on-growing tanks for the fish.

The Thorupstrand Kystfiskerlaug (Thorupstrand coastal fishers’ guild) was established in 2006 in response to the restructuring in the Danish fishing sector which introduced transferable quotas and resulted in a degree of consolidation in the fleet.

A group of associations from the aquaculture, fisheries, and related sectors have been tasked by the government to formulate a strategy for the growth and development of their industries as part of the government’s overall growth plan. The team has made concrete suggestions that can help remove barriers to growth, where they exist, as well as promote innovation and creative thinking to increase the competitiveness of the sectors.

Sunday, 01 March 2015 00:00

The unceasing search for new markets

Avektra is a 15-year-old Estonian company specialised in processing Norwegian salmon and trout, which is frozen, smoked and marinated for sale on markets in Western Europe.

DGM Shipping is a successful processor of Baltic herring and sprat. Three years ago the company was nominated for the Prix d’Elite at the European Seafood Exposition in Brussels for one of its products. This year the company has just returned from Prodexpo in Moscow with a Gran-Prix for a similar creation.

The Estonian Trawling Association (ETA) is one of Estonia’s three producer organisations. Its factory, which processes sprat and Baltic herring, went on stream at the end of August 2010. Now, the organisation is looking to increase its capacity, enlarge its use of automation, and extend a quay that will improve the offloading of catches.

Japs is among Estonia’s leading companies in the fish processing sector in terms of the quantities of raw material processed and the number of employees. The company is vertically integrated with its own fishing vessels, processing facilities, as well as marketing, sales and distribution.

Ecofarm is a producer organisation for the Estonian aquaculture sector. Led by Oleg Epner it is in the process of implementing a swathe of new ideas that add value to fish farmed in Estonia, which can be sold on the domestic as well as international markets.

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