Tuesday, 30 November 2021 15:31

Italy: Week-long event shows interest in sustainability among fisheries sector players

MSC Product wth logo IMG 5643The Marine Stewardship Council, an organisation that creates standards for sustainable fisheries, held its sustainable seafood week in Italy in the first week of November. The idea of the week is to promote awareness among consumers about the importance of eating fish from sustainably managed fisheries. The event, which is expected to be held annually, brought together retailers and companies in the fishing sector to educate consumers using traditional and digital media as well as promotional activities in supermarkets about the importance of buying fish that had been caught taking into account the impact on the environment and on fish stocks. Companies from each stage of the supply chain from producers to traders, processors, and retailers were involved in the event showing their support for sustainable fisheries. Their participation bodes well for the supply of sustainably sourced fish and seafood to the Italian market.