Tuesday, 07 December 2021 15:28

Netherlands: Measuring a fish feed’s impact on the environment

EM6 21 News Int Alltech CoppensAlltech Coppens, a provider of efficient feed solutions for tropical and temperate fish species both marine and freshwater recently expanded its digestibility research facility. The facility is part of the Alltech Coppens Aqua Centre where for more than two decades research on promoting fish health by identifying the precise nutritional requirements of fish has been carried out. This work has led to the formulation of high performance feeds and the development of feeding strategies contributing to the success of fish farmers. The efficiency of the feeds is not the only characteristic to be taken into account. The company also considers the sustainability of its products and by developing a sustainability score for its feeds has been able to categorise them based on their environmental impact. The score is based on a sustainability ranking for all the raw materials used in a particular feed from which a sustainability score for the feed can be calculated. The ranking was developed in collaboration with two Dutch universities, a consultant company, and the database of the Global Feed Life Cycle Assessment Institute. The score reflects the feed’s carbon footprint and its impact based on other environmental aspects, such as water use, eutrophication, and marine resource sustainability. Knowledge of the sustainability of the raw materials will allow the company to make more informed decisions when formulating a feed.