Monday, 26 April 2021 14:06

INFOFISH Tuna 2021 to be held online

News EV Tuna DSC3520The INFOFISH tuna conference is one of the biggest international events for the global tuna industry. Held every two years the event brings together representatives from the industry, researchers, NGOs, fisheries management bodies, and other stakeholders to discuss developments in the sector and outline the direction it will take in the future. The pandemic forced the postponement by a year of the 2020 event as borders closed and lockdowns went into effect. In 2021, taking into account the prevailing uncertainty with regard to international travel, the organisers of the event have decided to take it online. Tuna 2021 World Tuna Conference and Exhibition will take place virtually 19-21 May and will include the conference as well an exhibition where companies can showcase their products and services using an interactive online platform.

The conference theme, The global tuna industry: Trailblazing through tough times, will address a range of topics of relevance to the global and regional tuna industries including e-commerce and logistics; processing and packaging technology; e-monitoring and surveillance; and sustainability and social accountability. The industry faces trends such as the growing popularity of plant-based alternatives and consumer concerns about fish stocks that promise to have a significant impact on the seafood market in time. Last year, for example, a multinational consumer goods manufacturer launched a plant-based alternative to tuna. The three-day event is divided into six sessions. A session on the impact of the pandemic and of trade wars will be followed by others on sustainability and social accountability, on retail, e-commerce, and logistics, and on technology. The last day will be dedicated to sustainable resource management and certification. Sessions will be moderated and will conclude with speakers fielding questions from the audience.

INFOFISH has gathered vast experience holding online events over the past fourteen months and together with its partners has customised the event programme and content to suit the virtual format. Participants can register at and regular updates will be posted on