Monday, 22 March 2021 13:16

Denmark: A new tool to improve fish welfare in RAS installations

EM2 21 News Int BLU 2101 4A Danish company has developed a system based on analysing data collected from 12 locations on a fish farm to improve water quality and fish welfare while reducing costs. Blue Unit, a company founded by David Owen, a biologist, in 2009, was established to optimise the operations of recirculation aquaculture systems by exploiting the data available from the RAS. A centralised monitoring system collects data on 13 water quality parameters, including pH, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, opacity, and salinity, that are monitored by specially designed sensors and compares the numbers with benchmark values from producers around the world.

The system provides an early warning showing where, when, and why there is a change in water quality, and giving managers time to react before conditions become critical. In the long term it means less waste of fish feed, reduced expenses, better animal welfare, and greater profit. The system has been successfully deployed in the Norwegian RAS industry by fish farmers who have found it very useful for their operations.