Thursday, 18 March 2021 12:59

UK: Rebranding products to boost domestic sales

EM2 21 News UK fishNewlyn, Cornwall’s biggest fish market, attracts some 1,000 tonnes of megrim, a flat fish, annually, reports the BBC, almost all of which is exported mostly to Spain. However, more bureaucracy for British traders and the introduction of border controls since Brexit have disrupted exports of fish to the continent including that of megrim. As a result, the Cornish Fish Producers Organisation (CFPO), in a bid to encourage British consumers to eat more megrim, is planning to rebrand the fish to Cornish sole. Another species, spider crab, that faces the same challenges, will be renamed Cornish king crab. The decision to rename the products was taken after consulting with chefs and consumers.

Rebranding has worked before for Cornish fishermen, who successfully renamed pilchard to Cornish sardine and saw landings jump from seven tonnes in the mid-90s to 7,000 tonnes in 2018 according to the 1010 number of the weekly newsletter, Relaksation. Whether it will work again remains to be seen.