Wednesday, 17 March 2021 10:47

Germany: A “dating platform” for the fish industry from the organisers of fish international

EM2 21 News Int fish intSabine Wedell, project manager of the fish international trade show, is organising Digital Seafood Meeting, an online event to be held on Wednesday, 21 April 2021. Together with Monika Pain, project manager of Polfish in Gdansk, and Selin Akdogan, project manager of Future Fish Eurasia in Izmir, Ms Wedell will present the virtual event, where discussions on futuristic topics such as petri dish seafood will be combined with matchmaking sessions. Whether buyers, product developers or sales managers the Digital Seafood Meeting will give partners and customers the chance to meet one on one. The accompanying programme of talks will be spread over three themes: out-of-house sales, product launches in the retail trade, and innovations. The focus of the first will be mass catering where questions such as how the pandemic has changed this market and what comes next, will be debated. In the retail product launch theme discussions will relate to recent developments on the market, new products on offer, and the extent of their retail success.

The third theme, innovations, will cover the most exciting developments hitting the markets in terms of plant-, land- and cell-based products. As more and more alternatives make it to the market, the question of whether they are competitors or complements to fish and seafood needs to be addressed, says Ms Wedell. Burkhard Gabbe, Managing Director of FRoSTA Foodservice GmbH, reports in this context about “Fisch vom Feld” (Fish from the Field). This is a plant-based fillet which was presented for the first time at the fish international last year. It is already used in mass catering and the food retail trade. There will also be a presentation on cell-based fish products that are produced from cells using innovative biotechnology. “No fish have to die for this food”, says Dr Sebastian Rakers, the Managing Director of Bluu Biosciences GmbH and a pioneer in this field. Unlike meat cells, fish cells are cultivated at room temperature, which saves energy costs. In addition, the less complex tissue structure makes cell-based fish easier to produce.

Participation in the Digital Seafood Meeting will be easy. Anybody who wants to join in can log on to the platform, create a profile, search for potential partners, and arrange virtual meetings. After both sides have agreed, they can start to chat. Registration is free at: