Thursday, 23 January 2020 20:57

Spain: Factory to quadruple processing capacity

EM1 20 News Int FrimeBarcelona based Frime, a specialist in tuna and swordfish, is spending EUR 16 million to construct a new processing facility that will be ready in 2021, quadrupling the company’s current processing capacity of about 10,000 tonnes per year. The family-owned business has expanded its turnover incredibly over the last decade and anticipates this will continue. Demand is strong in Hungary, Poland, the US, Central America, and Asia, Salva Ramon, Frime’s CEO, points out.

The 14,000 square meters, which will be located near Barcelona, will increase the capacity by 25,000 tonnes annually. Frime's sales totalled EUR135m in 2019, up 20% year-on-year. The Mexican tuna giant Pesca Atzeca, has made Frime the exclusive distributor in Europe which has boosted the company’s growth considerably.  Once the new facility is up and running, production will gradually be moved from its current four older and smaller factories, also near Barcelona, that will be sold.