Wednesday, 08 January 2020 14:25

Netherlands: Improved starter feeds

Alltech_CoppensAn improved range of starter feeds for trout has been created following extensive research that provide key nutrients while improving water quality. Alltech Coppens TOP fry feed has an optimised ratio between digestible protein and digestible energy. This results in better performance with higher protein utilisation and lower ammonia excretion, leading to improved feed efficiency and better water quality. Dr Philip Lyons, Global Aquaculture Research Manager at Alltech Coppens says the feed not only improves performance during a critical phase but does so sustainably.

Trials conducted at the company’s testing facility have shown that by reducing the digestible protein and digestible energy ratio in every feed size in the TOP line, the protein utilisation by juvenile trout was markedly improved. In addition, the feed makes the bacteria in biofilters more efficient, as they convert less ammonia per kilogram of feed, which is especially beneficial for RAS systems.