Thursday, 08 August 2019 08:47

Turkish company awarded ACS certification

Sursan Su Urunleri AS, a fish production company based in Turkey, became one of the first companies awarded Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ACS) certification for farmed seabass, seabream and meagre. The two farms operated by Sursan share this accomplishment with Nireus, a Greek farm which received ACS certification at the same time. The certification for all four farms were carried out by independent Conformity Assessment Body Acoura. The certification guarantees the products are produced in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner. Since receiving certification on June 5, 2019, producers of seabass and seabream have responded enthusiastically with a strong demand for ACS certified products. High demand for ACS certified products has driven more farms to schedule audits to the new standard. Farms in Turkey, Greece, Spain, Croatia and Albania have all undergone audits since Sursan received ACS certification. 


The push for certification by Sursan comes in part because of the growing market to produce seabass, seabream and meagre in Turkey which is trying to meet rising demand around the world. Sursan was founded in 1981 in Turkey and is one of the leading produces of farmed sea bass and seabream in Turkey. Sursan currently employs over 500 people and had €50 million turnover in 2018. Sursan offers a range of farmed seabass and seabream products, including fresh and frozen, whole and gutted fish or fillets.  Following the news of the certification Kerem Goksel, Sales Director of Sursan said it "underlines the company’s commitment to responsible fish farming and our responsibility to the environment, biodiversity, local communities and employees."