EM5 2020 VassalloSharing knowledge to benefit oceans and their users

This article was featured in EUROFISH Magazine 5 / 2020.

The International Ocean Institute strives for the conservation of marine resources within the broader goal of promoting peace in the oceans. Through education, training, and capacity building the institute supports the creation of a cadre of enlightened professionals in particular in developing countries who share its beliefs and contribute to fulfilling its mission. Antonella Vassallo, the managing director, speaks here about the institute, its purpose, and the role it plays in ocean governance. More information is available at the institute’s website, www.ioinst.org.

EM4 20 LaszloNACCEE encourages young professionals’ participation

This article was featured in EUROFISH Magazine 4 / 2020.

Dr Laszlo Varadi has been involved in the freshwater aquaculture sector for a lifetime. Retiring as director of HAKI, the Hungarian Research Institute for Fisheries and Aquaculture, though still attached as an International Advisor, he is today the President of the Network of Aquaculture Centres in Central-Eastern Europe (NACCEE) and also works at the Department of Public Policy and Management at Corvinus University in Budapest. He shares here some of his opinions about the sector and its future.

HAKI, an institution that you led for many years, plays a key role in the development of Hungarian aquaculture by research into aquaculture, fish biology, and aquatic ecology. Could you envisage HAKI diversifying into other fields of research further down the value chain?

EM3 20 Maja Markovcic KostelacEMSA strengthens Europe’s competitiveness, sustainable growth, and the blue economy

This article was featured in EUROFISH Magazine 3 2020.

The European Maritime Safety Agency is the body responsible for maritime safety and the prevention of pollution by ships in European Union waters. To achieve its goals, and to maximise synergies, the agency cooperates with a variety of European and international organisations. The Agency recently released its five-year strategy for 2020-2024, the implementation of which will fall to Maja Markovcic Kostelac, the head of the Agency since January 2019 and former State Secretary for Croatia’s Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, who describes here some of her priorities and visions for the organisation.

EM 2 20 BarangeReducing overall stress boosts resilience to climate change

This article featured in EUROFISH Magazine 2 2020.

Currently Director of the FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy and Resources Division and Honorary Professor at the University of Exeter (UK), Dr Manuel Barange is an ecologist and fisheries scientist interested in researching climate change impacts on marine ecosystems, their resources, and their implications for human society. Here he makes an eloquent case for management measures as the best way to limit the impacts of climate change and achieve sustainable fisheries.

EM1 20 Martyn BoyersThe Grimsby Fish Market, one of the most important fish markets in the UK, trades mainly in cod and haddock (two of the most consumed species in the UK) that arrives primarily from Iceland and Norway. Grimsby and its surroundings have a well-established processing industry which is a magnet for fishermen and fish traders. Martyn Boyers, the Chief Executive of the Grimsby Fish Market, explains the role of the market and the auction in the UK fish trade and outlines his vision for the future of the enterprise.