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EM5 20 AQIt is now over 200 years since the water carrier in Luigi Cherubini’s opera expressed for the first time that without water our world would be an ‘empty barrel’. But this has in the meantime become a serious problem. Climate change is increasing the pressure to use water even more sparingly. This affects aquaculture in particular for almost two-thirds of global output are currently produced in fresh water.

This article was featured in EUROFISH Magazine 5 / 2020.

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EM2 20 News Int FlowA new product from Flow Water Technologies, the FlowSafe  DCD 2000, provides fishing vessels with limitless disinfectant and drinking water eliminating the need for plastic-bottled drinking water and additional chemicals. The unit can be scaled up for cleaning and sanitising any size of vessel by producing an unlimited amount of sustainable disinfectant. The unit also produces a limitless supply of drinking water using a commercial level pre-filtration in front of an ultra-filtration system, eradicating plastic bottles and the CO2 footprint caused by them. Our ambition was to create a unit that helped reduce the use of plastics at sea to save the environment while ensuring the health and safety of people working at sea remained paramount, said Mark Hadfield, CEO of Flow Water Technologies.

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