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Today, three decades since it was launched in 1984, the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition is a fixed item in the global calendar of fisheries events. Starting this year on 25 September in Kópavogur, Iceland, the three-day event has been sold out with over 500 exhibitors expected to participate. The last edition of the IceFish exhibition held in 2011 attracted 12,500 visitors from 50 countries and the organisers, Mercator Media, are confident that this figure will be exceeded this year. The exhibition is a showcase for every aspect of the industry from vessel design and construction, fish catching and locating, to processing and packaging. This year also sees the launch of the Iceland Fisheries Conference, an event organised with the Icelandic government, the research organisation MATIS, and the University of Iceland. The theme of this inaugural conference is Fish Waste for Profit: Maximising Return by Utilising the Entire Fish, and papers will discuss ways of extracting parts of the fish that would normally be discarded and adding value to them, as well as offer forecasts for the most profitable forms of fish utilisation in the future. As resources of fish and seafood are limited companies are more than ever interested in ways of monetising those parts of the fish which hitherto have been considered waste. Examples include the use of fish parts, such as heads, guts, and skin to produce biodiesel, or extracting ingredients from fish waste to be used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, or nutraceutical industries. More information about the conference is available at

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