Wednesday, 05 July 2017 07:57

Romania: AQUAlity results presented at National Fish Festival "PESCIA"


(Romania) The 5th edition of the National Fish Festival "PESCIA" has been organised in Ia?i during October 24th - 26th. The Festival gathers fish farmers, processors, importers, wholesalers, retailers and chefs in an effort of increase the fish consumption in Romania combining information on species, farming techniques, processing diversification and creative recipes. The activities are organised through a European Fisheries Fund financing which aims to increase the awareness of the high quality protein that fish is providing and of the positive effects on improving the health of the consumers. The event included also conferences on the positive effects of fish consumption, fish cooking shows, tricks and tips for fish freshness assessment.

At this event ROMFISH, the Romanian Fish Farmers Association, presented, inter alia, the results of a research project named AQUAlity, financed by European Commission through FP-7 Research for SMEs Programme and designed to monitor, control, and disseminate advice (best practice) on water quality within Aquaculture in EC countries. The projects was developed by an European Consortium coordinated by EUROFISH International Organisation consisted of fish farmers associations (from Netherlands, Italy, Romania, Poland, Turkey), RTD institution (Norway, UK, Nehterlands), fish farms (Spain and Germany) and aquaculture equipments producers (Denmark, Norway).