Tuesday, 21 January 2020 21:24

Netherlands: Cell-based seafood may help diversify diets

EM1 20 News Int BlueNaluNutreco has announced a strategic partnership with two cell-based food companies BlueNalu, a seafood start-up and meat start-up Mosa Meat. These agreements strengthen Nutreco’s commitment to Feeding the Future with science-based innovations that advance sustainability across the value chain. The food and feed industry must meet the growing demand for high quality proteins driven by a population estimated to rise to almost 10 billion by 2050 but also by more prosperous consumers demanding more diversified diets.

The strategic partnership is designed to ensure Nutreco plays its part in ensuring there is enough sustainably-produced food for the world’s growing population. BlueNalu brings a third option to the seafood supply chain, complementing wild-caught seafood and traditional aquaculture in a way that is healthy for people and sustainable for the planet.