Monday, 20 January 2020 20:47

France: Bad oysters force international recalls

EM1 20 News Int OysterIn France a total of 1,033 people became ill and 21 needed hospital treatment in what seems to be a norovirus contamination of live oysters, according to Food Safety News. Sweden, Italy, and the Netherlands have all also reported outbreaks which can be traced back to France. Additionally, products have been recalled in Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Mats Lindblad, a communicable disease coordinator at the National Food Agency of Sweden states 31 people are sick linking the origin back to the French oysters through interviews. “Symptoms and incubation time indicate norovirus.

We have not issued any advice against eating oysters. We will, however, inform consumers about the unusually high number of food poisonings related to oysters in Sweden and other countries this winter,” he stated. The number of incidents linked to consumption of raw shellfish in 2019 is higher than previous years and French authorities are tracing back contaminated items to production areas and testing the sites concerned. To date, a total of 23 shellfish growing zones in seven regions of France have been closed with more than 400 companies affected, according to the agency.