Monday, 05 August 2019 08:26

First tins of “responsibly fished” tuna reach Spanish supermarkets

In June Spanish consumers were able to buy the first tins of tuna bearing the AENOR Conform Responsibly Fished Tuna logofrom Spanish distributors shelves. The seal affirms to consumers that the product comes from a sustainable, socially responsible source. The certification logo only goes on products containing tuna fished by vessels certified under the Responsibly Fished Tuna Standard and belonging to a Comprehensive Fishery Improvement Program (FIP). The FIP ensures that vessels and their crews maintain the highest standards in environmental conservation. This certificate guarantees that the fish which distributors are marketing and consumers are eating have been caught by companies and vessels held to social, labor and maritime safety standards above what the law currently requires.


The canning companies Garvilla and Salica, which own the Isabel and Campos brands, will be the first to offer products with the new seal. The certified tins will gradually be distributed over the entire country and will contain some of Spain’s most popular foods, like canned tuna. Both companies, Garavilla and Salica, anticipate applying for certification for their entire product range soon. The new certificate is the outcome of a project begun in 2016 by the members of the Spanish tuna fleet that are in OPAGAC. The project’s now completed objective is to offer consumers environmentally friendly alternatives at supermarkets. The AENOR Conform Responsibility Fished Tuna seal is entirely voluntary and is open to any tuna vessel or canning company in the world.