Monday, 06 May 2019 07:52

High raw material prices force Danish saltcod producer to close factory

Danish processor Boco Seafood, produces salted cod and processes ling, saithe, and Alaska pollock in its two factories, one in Denmark and the other in Portugal.

However, Boco Seafood recently announced the closure of its Danish factory, citing high costs of cod, mostly imported from Norway. The costs of Atlantic and Pacific cod, available from the US, are coming down, the company said, and its Portugal factory will remain open.


The Danish plant closing will affect 25 hourly-paid and salaried workers, the company said. The production facilities will be moved to Portugal, enabling the company to produce the same volumes as before.

In business for a decade so far, Boco Seafood supplies salted cod to southern European markets. "The management of the production in Portugal will continuously be Danish, and we will make sure that our customers in the future receive the same high quality as produced so far in the factory in Denmark," a company press release stated.