Tuesday, 02 April 2019 12:38

Reduced sandeel quota for Denmark

EM2 19 News Int SandeelDenmark has been advised by the International Council for the Exploration (ICES) to reduce its total sandeel quotas for the 2019 season. ICES recommended reductions over the majority of fishing areas, however some quotas were increased. The biggest reductions occurred in the central and southern North Sea and Dogger Bank, which are key fishing areas. Quotas fell from 134,461 tonnes to 91,916 tonnes. Other areas affected are the northern and central North Sea (divisions 4.a-b) with cuts from 59,345 tonnes to the monitoring levels of 5,000 tonnes. Levels for divisions 4.b-c and subdivision 20, sandeel area 2r (central and southern North Sea) are to remain at monitoring levels of 5,000 tonnes. Areas where the advice recommended an increase in quotas are in the northern and central North Sea and Skagerrak and the advice increased quotas from 108,365 tonnes to 133,610 tonnes.