Wednesday, 09 January 2019 10:33

Hungary ratifies Eurofish Agreement

EM1 19 News Int Eurofish 13Members2019Hungary, one of the first countries (along with Latvia and Estonia) to sign the Eurofish Agreement in 2000, has now ratified it, making Hungary the thirteenth member of the organisation. The other members are Albania, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, and Turkey. Dated 14 November 2018, the ratification has been confirmed by the FAO, the depositary of the EUROFISH Establishment Agreement.

We are delighted to welcome Hungary to the organisation, said Mauro Colarossi (Italy), the chairperson of the EUROFISH Governing Council. Hungary’s ratification not only strengthens the organisation, but also sends a strong signal to other countries in the region about the value that membership of EUROFISH brings. Aina Afanasjeva, Director of EUROFISH, added that other member countries also stood to gain from Hungary’s reputation for cutting edge research and development within the field of freshwater aquaculture as well as its extensive expertise and international links in this area, and that she looked forward to collaborating with Hungary for the benefit of all EUROFISH member countries. Mr Gábor Klenovics, Director of Fisheries, Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture, expressed his satisfaction with the ratification saying that he looked forward to working with EUROFISH and the other member countries to face some of the many challenges threatening the inland fish farming sector.

A landlocked country, Hungary, has historically focused on freshwater fish farming and is today the largest producer of African catfish in the EU and the third-largest (after Poland and the Czech Republic) producer of common carp, the most widely farmed freshwater fish in the EU. Intensive aquaculture systems are widely used to farm African catfish, and farmers are now looking at the potential of recirculation aquaculture systems to produce valuable native predatory species such as European catfish, pike, perch, and pike-perch.