Tuesday, 15 January 2019 10:16

Croatia: Who is responsible for responsible fisheries?

EM1 19 News Int WWF IMG 0992In December 2018 in Zagreb, Croatia, the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) Adria organized a roundtable discussion “Who is responsible for responsible fisheries”. The aim of the roundtable was to foster dialogue among the key national and international stakeholders responsible for fisheries in Adriatic, and to identify the actual and potential issues together with its solutions. “Fish stocks in the Mediterranean Sea are deteriorating at an alarming rate, and the Adriatic Sea is no exception. Open dialogue with all the sector’s stakeholders is key to the recovery of our resources and fisheries industry in Croatia. The mission of WWF is to facilitate effective cooperation among fishermen, administration and scientists,” stated Danijel Kanski, Marine Program Manager at WWF Adria in his opening remarks at the event.

The event gathered 40 participants from fisheries sector including fishermen, representatives of FLAGs, producer organisations, processors, international organisations, Croatian Chamber of Economy (HGK), NGOs and Ministry of Agriculture. During a panel moderated by Lav Bavcevic, University of Zadar, seven panellists presented their views on current issues and steps needed for resolving them ensuring sustainable fisheries in the Adriatic.

Pero Ugarkovic (recreational and sport fishing sector, Podvodni.hr) emphasized the importance of institutional trust, whereas Šimer Kosor (processor, Omega 3) underlined the need for a better understanding of state of marine resources. Prof. Sanja Matic Skoko (Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Split) highlighted the need for all parties involved to take collective responsibility, whereas Marin Mihanović (Ministry of Agriculture) pointed to the necessity for cooperation between all stakeholders for better results. Lav Bavcevic closed the discussion thanking the organisers for their initiative and stating that general opinions had to be based on knowledge not on assumptions.