Tuesday, 08 January 2019 10:05

Outlook for Spanish aquaculture in 2019 is generally encouraging

EM4 18 ES APROMAR Imagen 145A positive outlook for rainbow trout and the insufficient use of available EMFF funds are among the observations in recent examinations of Spain’s aquaculture sector. A report from APROMAR says the situation after a 2016 judgement by Spain’s Supreme Court declaring that rainbow trout was an invasive species has been addressed by the Congress of Deputies. The report stated that APROMAR welcomed this as step in the right direction to return to normalize the cultivation of such an important species in Spain as rainbow trout. Rainbow trout enjoys a growing market in Europe, and several countries, from Turkey to Denmark, are leaders in its production. Spain’s expertise in aquaculture technology and marketing make rainbow trout a promising area for economic investment.

APROMAR also described the “disappointingly scarce use” of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF). The report stated that for practical purposes the development of aquaculture activities in Natura 2000 areas was very scarce and that applications to the EMFF continued to be insufficient and even reached historical lows when it was below 15%. There are even parts of the EMFF that have not yet been launched, such as the Financial Instrument, which is essential for large aquaculture companies to access support for fish processing and distribution.

The report also provides other information such as how to calculate the FiFo ratio (ratio of the volume of wild fish in feed to farmed fish production); welfare conditions for fish and the need for more scientific research; the status of eel aquaculture in the EU and its role in stock recovery; the responsible sourcing of raw materials for aquaculture feed; and current limitations of the regulations for organic aquaculture..

APROMAR’s analysis (in Spanish) is available at http://bit.ly/2UYPbQG . Image credit: APROMAR