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Global Fishery Forum 2017

All news relating to the Global Fishery Forum and the Seafood Expo held in St. Petersburg from 14-16 September 2017 can be found below. For more information please visit the official forum website: or the exhibition website:

North Atlantic Ministers to Continue their Dialogue at the St Petersburg Fishery Forum
Wednesday, 06 September 2017 06:48

Following the 22nd conference, the fisheries ministers of the North Atlantic countries signed a communiqué dedicated to the marine ecosystems conservation. The meeting took place in the city of Shediac, Canada. The event is traditionally attended by the fisheries ministers of the Russian Federation, Canada, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and the European Union.
The participants in the roundtable discussion made decisions on the common fishery problems in the North Atlantic, which include the effects of global climate change and the need to joint efforts to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, which damages the fishing industry and the environment.
The conference participants pointed out the need for regional cooperation in the North Atlantic using the best national practices in the field of fisheries and water conservation. Marine ecosystem protection is an integral part of the efforts to ensure availability of ocean resources for future generations and is an essential obligation for all fisheries ministers in the North Atlantic.

Russian Far East Will Be Widely Represented at the Global Fishery Forum
Tuesday, 05 September 2017 06:34

GFF5Fishing industry enterprises of Russia’s Far East will participate in the Global Fishery Forum and the Seafood Expo. Representatives of over 40 sectoral enterprises from the Kamchatka Territory, the Chukotka Autonomous District, the Sakhalin and Magadan Regions, the Khabarovsk and Primorye Territories will come to St. Petersburg. Participants in the event’s business programme include Vladimir Ilyukhin, Governor of the Kamchatka Territory, and Oleg Kozhemyako, Governor of the Sakhalin Region.

Russia’s Far Eastern Federal District plays an important role in developing the country’s fishing industry. The catch in the Russian Far Eastern Basin accounts for about 67% of Russia’s total catch – it is over 3 million tonnes of fish and seafood. Consequently, active participation by Russia’s Far East in discussing the problems of and strategies for developing Russia’s fishing industry and the trends in the global fishing industry is of crucial importance.  

Delegation of African countries to attend Global Fishery Forum in St. Petersburg
Wednesday, 30 August 2017 10:19

Northwest Africa is among the most highly productive areas in the World Ocean with Russian fishermen catching more than 248,000 tonnes of fish in these waters

The first Global Fishery Forum will host guests from the African continent. Minister of Fisheries of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau Orlando Mendes Viegas, Minister of Marine Resources and Fisheries of the Republic of Sierra Leone Elizabeth Mans, and Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources of the Republic of Namibia Samuel Ankama have all confirmed they will participate in the event. Delegations from Morocco, Senegal, South Africa, and Mauritania are also expected to attend.
The Russian Federation’s interaction with the countries of West Africa in the fishing industry is of key importance. Russia currently has intergovernmental agreements on cooperation in the fisheries sector with virtually all coastal states of the region – the Kingdom of Morocco, the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, and the Republics of Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone, and Namibia. Work is under way to conclude intergovernmental agreements with Angola, South Africa, and Guinea-Conakry.
Northwest Africa (the central-eastern Atlantic) is among the most highly productive regions in the World Ocean. The fishing resource base mainly includes stocks of pelagic fish – sardines, mackerel, horse mackerel, and sardinella. The economic zones of Morocco and Mauritania have the greatest importance to the Russian fishing industry. Large stocks of commercial fish are concentrated in the waters of these countries, and fishing is conducted practically year-round.
In 2016, Russian vessels off the coast of northwest Africa caught more than 248,000 tonnes of fish, including 116,000 tonnes in the exclusive economic zone of Morocco, more than 97,000 tonnes in Mauritania, about 24,000 tonnes in Guinea-Bissau, and 12,000 tonnes in Angola. According to fishing industry research, Russian fishermen can potentially catch more than 300,000 tonnes in the central-eastern and south-eastern Atlantic as a whole.
Leaders and representatives of the sectoral departments of the Faroe Islands, the Republic of Cyprus, the Kingdom of Norway, Australia, the United States, and the People’s Republic of China previously confirmed they will take part in the Global Fishery Forum. Delegations from Argentina, Chile, the Republic of Korea, Iceland, and Italy are also expected.
The Global Fishery Forum and International Exhibition for Fishery, Seafood, and Knowhow will be held on 14–16 September 2017 at Lenexpo Exhibition Centre in St. Petersburg.

Official Forum website:

Moscow and St. Petersburg region companies to take part in the Global Fishery Forum
Tuesday, 22 August 2017 13:51

GFF4Companies from the Moscow and northwestern regions will be represented at the Global Fishery Forum and Seafood Expo on 14–16 September in St. Petersburg. After a long hiatus, Russia’s northern capital will host global fishery and related industry professionals.

Participants include major fishery companies FOR Group, Rossiyskaya Rybnaya Faktoriya, Baltiysky Bereg Trading House and Diky Ulov, shipbuilders Giprorybflot, Leningrad Shipbuilding Plant Pella and United Shipbuilding Corporation, as well as companies engaged in vessel chartering and freight handling (Seatrade Baltic), equipment supplies (NTI) and fishery foreign trade services (Parus).

Industry representatives from all over Russia will gather at the event. International participants will play a special role: delegations from Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America have been invited.

Ilya Shestakov: The Forum Will Set a New Format for Communication in the Fishing Industry
Friday, 18 August 2017 12:19

Ilya-ShestakovIssues that determine the future of world fishery and aquaculture and, among other things, the balance of interests of the countries in their competition for fishing resources will be discussed at the first Global Fishery Forum to be launched on 14 September in St. Petersburg.

It will be Russia’s first time to host professionals of the global fishing industry and related areas. Ilya Shestakov, Head of the Federal Agency for Fishery, spoke about the Forum at his press conference at TASS MIA on 17 August.

“We are talking not only showcasing achievements, and we do have things to show and things to see; we are talking about a communications platform where representatives of the world’s leading fishery countries will meet: members of executive authorities, business communities and sectoral associations”, Shestakov explained the Forum’s concept.

He noted that the fishing industry currently does not have such a platform. “There are events held specifically for businesses, there are events for government agencies, such as The North Atlantic Fisheries Ministers’ Conference; these platforms are arranged by convention region. On the whole, businesses and government officials virtually do not discuss global policies. There is also the UN’s FAO, but it conducts a more socially orientated and state-based dialogue”, Shestakov pointed out.

Approved Business Programme for the Global Fishery Forum
Thursday, 17 August 2017 08:34

The business programme of the Global Fishery Forum has been posted on the event’s official website.
The plenary session entitled “A global view of fishing in the World Ocean: cooperation or competition?” will be the key event of the Forum and will be held with participation by Deputy Russian Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Tkachev, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Federal Agency for Fishery Director Ilya Shestakov, Norwegian Minister of Fisheries Per Sandberg, Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment Nicos Kouyialis. In addition, representatives of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM) will take part in the discussion as well.
“At present, a number of big countries are experiencing shortages of the resource base. Sovereign rights to bioresource fishery within exclusive economic zones of different states remain inviolable, including managed access by foreign vessels. The major part of the World Ocean is controlled by multilateral international treaties, yet there are also ‘free’ waters. At the same time, the UNO is carrying out activities on global ocean health protection and creation of protected sea areas where industrial fishery is limited. During the meeting we are going to discuss how we can balance the interests of the various parties”, Ilya Shestakov noted.

Leading companies from Kamchatka to take part in the Global Fishery Forum in St Petersburg
Tuesday, 15 August 2017 06:51

Kamchatka-crabLeaders of Kamchatka’s fisheries industry will take part in the Global Fishery Forum and Seafood Expo on 14–16 September in St Petersburg. Participants in this major trade event include leading companies and organisations, such as Okeanrybflot, Lenin Fishing Collective, Ustkamchatryba, Ozernovsky Fish Canning Plant No. 55, Rybkholkam, Narody Severa Fishing Collective and others.

Кamchatka has traditionally been a leader in the fisheries industry. Over the last ten years, 18 new fish processing plants have been built in the region with a total of RUB 23 billion invested in the industry.

A visit from all flags: Foreign companies to attend Global Fishery Forum
Wednesday, 02 August 2017 13:42

GlobalFisheryForum2017Fishing industry enterprises from the world’s top fishing countries will present their achievements at the International Exhibition for Fishery, Seafood and Knowhow, which will be held on September 14–16 as part of the first Global Fishery Forum in St. Petersburg. Companies from Iceland (Optimar KAPP, Marel, Skaginn 3x), Germany (VMF Partnership), Denmark (Eurofish, Carsoe AS), Norway (Optimar, Simrad), China (NantongSquareColdChainEquipmentCo.), Japan (Yanmar), Iceland (Satlink), Latvia (Proalifing), Netherlands (Damen) and other countries have confirmed they will be attending the event.

This marks the first time that Russia will host professionals from the global fishery industry and related industries of various countries. Delegations from more than 50 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, and North and South America have been invited to take part in the event. Norwegian Minister of Fisheries Per Sandberg and Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Environment of the Republic of Cyprus Nicos Kouyialis have confirmed that they will take part in the event. The Minister of Agriculture of Morocco and the Minister of Fisheries of the Faroe Islands have tentatively agreed to take part in the Forum.

The exhibition will feature more than 200 Russian and international companies that will present their products, advanced technologies, and equipment for the fishing industry.