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Spain: Issues concerning farmed fish health debated at forum
Friday, 21 February 2014 12:35

On 19-20 February 2014 the fourth Forum on Aquaculture Health organised by FEADSA (the Spanish federation of associations for health protection in aquaculture) in cooperation with the pharmaceutical company CENAVISA, took place in Madrid.The forum was organised to stimulate debate on issues concerning the health of farmed fish that usually receive little attention. Specifically, the regulations on veterinary medicines and medicated feed, as well as the legal implications for fish farms and their employees. Attendees included farm managers, technical staff, veterinarians, public administration and veterinary products manufacturers, as well as other professionals.

Topics such as fish welfare, consumers’ health and respect for the environment were also discussed. The reduced availability of therapeutic products for aquaculture is a serious problem that is amplified by the complex process required for drug approval. Better collaboration between industry, research and pharmaceutical companies may improve this.

Speakers pointed to the need to establish a public European database for approved drugs, target species, and other data. The Spanish aquaculture sector needs to strengthen its capacity to influence not only the Spanish government, but also the European Union, which is why FEADSA was set up. Its activities include explaining to European legislators the particularities of aquaculture in southern Europe to counter the influence of northern European countries.

The forum emphasised the quality of Spanish pharmaceutical laboratories and encouraged them to use the Spanish aquaculture sector to develop new products that could also be exported to other aquaculture markets.

The event concluded by acknowledging FEADSA as an organisation that contributed significantly to the health of farmed fish and its acceptance of members with different stakes in the aquaculture sector.