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Poland: Lisner and Nordfish-Foodmark lead the production of herring products
Monday, 18 November 2013 00:00

The Polish herring market remains stagnant, but a significant increase in herring prices and sustained export demand (mainly from Germany) caused a significant increase in sales in 2012 of the top two Polish herring-product producers. Pozna?-based Lisner remains the market leader with earnings of PLN 652 million in 2012 (ca. EUR 163 million, an increase of 20%). In the number-two spot, Nordfish-Foodmark earned PLN 122 million (ca. EUR 31 million, an of increase 31%). The Polish producers specialise in marinated herring in flavoured marinates, fillets la Bismarck, and a wide range of herring fillets in cream, yoghurt, and salads. Source: Fish Industry Magazine,