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Norway: Reciprocal access to fishing in the Skagerrak
Friday, 15 November 2013 00:00

A new agreement has been reached between the European Union and Norway on reciprocal access to fishing in the waters of the Skagerrak. This agreement, which supersedes the previous arrangement from 1966 between Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, will allow those countries to maintain reciprocal access for their vessels in each other's waters within the defined area and ensure continuity of their fishing operations in this area. Further joint work is underway on important selectivity measures in the Skagerrak area. The new agreement was finalised in London on 24 October, and allows for control measures in line with the principles of CoastalState jurisdiction while maintaining the same conditions as at present within the defined area of the Skagerrak and Kattegat. Fisheries will be subject to management and conservation measures established either individually or jointly by the Parties, including control measures taken by the relevant Coastal State. Although the 1966 agreement was allowed to expire in August 2012, the countries agreed that their vessels could continue to fish in the waters of the respective countries until a new agreement could be reached.