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Chile: Best Aquaculture Practices gains first two-star salmon operation in southern hemisphere
Monday, 13 August 2012 00:00

The first salmon farming and processing operation in the southern hemisphere were recently certified to the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) standard, reports the Global Aquaculture Alliance, the group that developed the standard. BAP is an international certification programme based on achievable, science-based and continuously improved global performance standards for the entire aquaculture supply chain farms, hatcheries, processing plants and feed mills.

In combination with its previously certified farms, the July 23 BAP certification of Salmones Camanchacas salmon-processing plant in Tome, Chile, established the company’s pioneering two-star status. The two stars mean that the company has an integrated operation comprising a BAP-certified farm linked to a BAP-certified processing plant.

Camanchaca processes and distributes fresh and frozen salmon fillets and portions in a variety of sizes and specifications under the Camanchaca and Pier 33 brand names. With a monthly processing capacity of nearly 5,000 metric tons, its 8,200-square-meter plant is supported by over 9,600 square meters of freezer storage.

Camanchaca has four BAP-certified salmon farms located near Puerto Montt, Los Lagos Region, Chile. Its Licha, Chonos and Mañihueico Farms completed audits in July. The farm units typically harvest 4,000 metric tons of salmon per cycle.

Three additional farms are scheduled for certification in August in a plan to have all active farming sites certified before the end of 2012, Camanchaca Corporate Marketing and Planning Director Igal Neiman said. The company also plans to work with BAP-certified feed suppliers and to certify its own hatchery in Petrohue, Los Lagos Region.